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Agents Of Expansion: Life Challenges That Bring About Success


Agents Of Expansion: Life Challenges That Bring About Success

admin January 29, 2018
Nothing pushes a human being from one success ladder to another like life and her attendant challenges we all battle with on daily basis until end of time. But for you to go through life and live through these harsh realities of life I call challenges there are certain things to look out for in your life so that when you begin to experience them, you’ll obviously realize that you are on to the path of greatness.
1.       Persecution – you know what life is when you are being persecuted for standing for something good that would write your name on the sand of time. We all know about Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr who stood for human rights and ended up dying so that his people would be free at last. Read Daniel 6; Acts 8: 3-5; 1Samuel 1:6; Genesis 26:15.
2.       Blessing from God – God can out of His infinite mercies decide to bless you beyond your imagination. This is known as unmerited favour that brings about unmerited blessings from above.
3.       Obedience To God’s Will – in absolute obedience to God’s will for your life, you stand to make it in life without much struggle. Where others struggle to enter, the door would be opened to you because you keep God’s laws and obey His commandments. Read Leviticus 26:3-6; Revelation 3:8; Deuteronomy 28:2.
4.       Sowing Of Seed – This is an act that brings about multiplication of your possession to grant you increase in all that you lay your hands on simply because you accepted that God use you to spread His blessings to them that labour for Him. That simple act of giving into the outstretched arms of a beggar is a seed-sowing gesture that yields more. Read Genesis 26:12, 8:22; Matthew 10 40-42.
May God grant you the understanding to grab these teachings so that you will have the spirit of divine expansion fall on you. Amen!

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