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Another Thing Young People Do That Grate Nerves

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Another Thing Young People Do That Grate Nerves

admin January 23, 2018

On social media they curse out God and put the Holy Spirit through such ridiculous entanglements that are mostly geared to ensure they get hundreds of likes and comments from their ignorant friends. Poor birds of same plumage!
Let me sound it as a note of warning that any sin against the Holy Spirit is anathema and can never be forgiven. If you believe that there is no God, then you are the Fool the Bible – Word of God – talks about.
Please, in your best interest, don’t use Holy Spirit at the receiving end of your frustrations living in a country where virtually all the news she shitsout are as depressive as your frustrations. Put your trust in God and acknowledge Him in all you do and He will make life easier on you. There must be challenges in your life to make you realize that this world is not our home. But if you feel this earth is yours to inherit, remember that will be on the side of Christ Jesus in His second coming.
Take heed, and leave the Holy Spirit out of your mistakes done out of ignorance as such an excuse wouldn’t save you when the time comes.
I want to believe you have changed already. Thanks be to the Almighty God!

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