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Between Self-Deceit And Deceit Of Others, Which Is Worst?

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Between Self-Deceit And Deceit Of Others, Which Is Worst?

admin January 9, 2018
The Bible says that if we say we have no sin in us that we are deceiving ourselves alone. That’s for them that walk the path of self-deceit.
Unbelievable enough, people these days go about trying to wrestle the mantle of hypocrisy from the Pharisees of Jesus’ Days instead of accepting to get off Christ’ hook on this issue of hypocrisy as found in us. One can smile your way and give you such a bear hug which you know is emotionally uplifting and fulfilling for the hugged, but also has blunt daggers in his heart for you. Lord have mercy!
Then when you use your tongue to cast aspersion on a fellow human being by going to town on what never happened but because you are envious of some other person’s successes, you let your tongue roll and reel of caustic gossipy venom against a supposed friend. You know your connection and your effect on people perhaps as a result of your position in the society; you then use it to your advantage to destroy a fellow human being simply because you felt crossed or envious. People believe whatever you say and therefore the grace of life and death has fallen into your hands. You allow yourself to murder this seemingly unlucky person(s) and such a person remains dead in the hearts of all the people that once loved her. But I want you to know that this kind of sin has its reward (s).
Now, I’ll let you figure out the one that is worst…self-deceit or deceiving others?
Eschew gossip today for it is an evil habit/pastime.

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