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Can Poverty Be Rejected? Question And Answer Session


Can Poverty Be Rejected? Question And Answer Session

admin January 2, 2018
Someone put the above question across to me and this is the answer I gave in reply;
Well, it depends on the kind of poverty one is passing through in life. There are poverty of mentality and poverty of pockets also. And then again, there is supernatural poverty that is handled either by God or by human agents of Satan. This is where it gets tricky.
How do you know the poverty that is from God? All fingers are not equal is a saying we have been hearing long before we could say we understood the meaning inherent in it. God in His infinite wisdom decides the level of wealth every single person will be blessed with, but one has to be diligent so as to be able to access this wealth. God has made it that none of us should live an idle life as such would turn us into Devil’s Workshop. God has assured us that we shouldn’t worry about our next meal and/or what to wear as He will provide them all for us as the birds of the air do not worry about such. He urges us to simply engage ourselves in gainful employment. We must have something to do that will serve as means of livelihood.
Therefore, on the issue of rejecting poverty, such is an exercise in futility trying to wish poverty away without first praying to God to reveal to you the hidden secrets of the earth. Through prayers, one can surmount mountain of poverty. It is when one attaches the fantasy of wealth that greed leads him astray. Wealth is already your portion; therefore, you don’t have to go outside the will of God for your life to acquire it as it will surely come to you.

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