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Is It Right To Blow Your Nose Publicly?

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Is It Right To Blow Your Nose Publicly?

admin January 15, 2018
I might be right but seeing someone doing this particular ablution that should be done within the confines of such a person’s convenience upsets me that I end up losing my appetite for food and the other one. Yes!
In this Dry season, one should be mindful of spreading germs that are found in the mucous that has gathered inside one’s nostrils. A child can end up picking up your nose-waste and eating it and end up sick. Yimuu!

On the other hand, when you are blowing your nose instead of doing so into your handkerchief, the tendency to spread germs is high. Have you wondered why so many people are down with cold and catarrh? It is as a result of too many germs that settle inside one’s breathing tracks and ended up affecting one’s lungs, and when one does his thing carelessly in public, healthy people are bound to become infected.


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