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Shocking Story – What God Did For Me When My Wife Was Kidnapped

Painful Life Experiences

Shocking Story – What God Did For Me When My Wife Was Kidnapped

admin January 2, 2018
Life throws at us on daily basis such challenge(s) that do their best to have our brains and mindset reformatted for the worst. I have had my mind dwell on this saying that a man who is not killed by a woman will live a long life on earth. I want you to accept this Igbo saying as a truth in its entirety.
How do I begin to tell the world that my own wife whom I loved so much could take me through so much mental pains because she felt I had money which I have refused her access to?
I’m a trader at the Onitsha Main Market where I trade on articles through which God has shown me great favour that today; I’m among the landlords in the city of Onitsha in Anambra state of Nigeria.
So it happened that the economic policies of the administration in power in Nigeria today didn’t favour my import-based business in year 2017. I relied on fixed deposits with some banks to keep my business going and the few millions my five four-storey property in various parts of Onitsha brought in to keep the body of all that concerned me going albeit roughly. My business did not grow in year 2017 is what I’m saying. The Customs dealt me a great blow through tariff hiking and other bottlenecks we encounter on the road while moving our imported goods from Lagos Wharf to Onitsha.
I made all these experiences clear to my wife who is a housewife as our children are growing up and needed the attention of their mother in this age of moral decadence among the youth and children. Out of the blues, she started making demands on me for a new four-wheel drive and putting up a better house for her parents in the village. Actually, I’m the one who had suggested all these in year 2016 on the premise that if 2017 yielded my businesses with greater increase that I would do so for her and her parents. By the middle of 2017, it had become obvious to me that my major means of income was suffering and I shared it all with my wife of fifteen years.
Then one fateful day, I was in my shop brooding over my declining fortunes when a call came through my handset which I picked immediately hoping it could be a customer only to hear a throaty voice of a man informing me that I should make a deposit of twenty million naira at a location if I still wanted to see my darling wife alive again. I almost pissed on my pants out of such forceful trepidation. I came to life again when the evil-throaty voice got disconnected from my sense of hearing that reality set in. What would I do now? Where would my help come from?
Tears swelled my eyes as pain coursed through my heart. What did I do to deserve such an experience! My poor wife! I started imagining what she could be suffering in the hands of her kidnappers. Everything you can think of went through my mind especially rape as my wife is such a pretty woman. My frame on its own volition was shaking uncontrollably.
Then God sent me help. My priest put a call through to me and when I saw his name on my screen, I said a silent prayer as I urged my heart to remain calm. He pointedly told me that what Satan had planned for me and family will come to naught. I was hearing him but not paying real attention. What was he trying to say? Could it be that he’s already been called by the kidnappers over my misfortune? Then he dropped the bomb.
“Your wife is in safe hands and she’s the architect of her present predicament. Put a call to her and tell whosoever that picks it that God will be very angry with her if she refuses to come home before the end of today.”
I profusely thanked my priest even in my disbelief and did as he instructed. A man with a different voice picked my call and I pointedly said my brief and cut the call.
Could you believe that in the night by 10 p.m. my wife called me to come downstairs and open the gate to her? I sent one of my apprentices to open the gate for her. She came upstairs to weep profusely while confessing her grievous sin.
I readily forgave her!
What’s the point in not forgiving her when I had almost lost my life to worries? I want to live long, and that is why I chose this medium to bless the name of God who gave me the wisdom to manage this challenge without the knowledge of outsiders except for my pastor and my wife and her partners in crime. She has been very contrite since and wouldn’t end her day without going before God to plead for mercy.
Thank you Lord for your mercy and love upon my family! My year 2018 will surely be spent under the guidance of Excellent Spirit guiding and protecting my family and all that concerns me in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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