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The Best Season For Your Clothes

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The Best Season For Your Clothes

admin January 15, 2018
All seasons are good for our clothes; it all depends on how we handle our clothes that makes the difference.
Take for example, here in Nigeria; the weather is most times humid. When you leave your clothes under the hot sun, the fabrics will begin to lose its sheen and wear off. If you decide to spread your clothes inside your toilet, the dampness of this enclosure will cause your clothes to be damp and wet for too long that the colours will definitely wash off. Because it took longer time to dry, the dust that settled on your washed and wet clothes must have permeated your fabrics and remain unseen by mere eyes, thereby causing your fabrics to lose their crispy sharpness.
This is where Dry Season comes to the rescue. You will not keep your clothes under the intense sun of this season but will look out for a clothesline under a shade to spread out your washed clothes and within time, the heat of the dry season would lick up the wetness and you will endeavour to take them in while they are still soft else it becomes war when you make out time to iron them.

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