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Trump And His Style: Why I Admire Him!

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Trump And His Style: Why I Admire Him!

admin January 18, 2018

It is very easy for anyone to like the President of the United States of America simply because of the worldwide aura of the office such a person – with character or no character – is occupying. The whole world claps when an American does something in that peculiar manner that best typifies the way of the US citizens. I started admiring the POTUS ever since he announced to the world his recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.
How does one react to a president who cares not a hoot about what anybody is saying about him?All the adult film starts can try but they stand to fail, the pillaging of a war between him and the Media has received scathing remarks that made it bare the baton of democracy is already corrupting the world with the “Fake News” mantra of today’s USA.
It’s no skin off the teeth of Donald Trump over what people choose as reaction to his reign and his ways with governance. He wouldn’t care about this and so also you. You shouldn’t worry over your life issues and challenges. Just go about your life believing God that it can always get better.
What I’m saying in effect is that you shouldn’t care about your lie’s issues and challenges from individuals in your community and family. Rather, hand over your troubles to God and He will pilot your affairs to a joyful conclusion in your best interest.

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