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What My Mom Taught Me – Series: No 2

Child Upbringing

What My Mom Taught Me – Series: No 2

admin January 23, 2018
What a sweet soul she was!
She had called me one evening on one of those days boredom seemed to be gnawing away at my poor heart as a result of NEPA’ worthlessness. Nigeria would be playing against Cote Ivoire as that country was known then in the African Cup of Nations championship by 4.30 p.m. I was more enervated by her choice of time for mom-son time, but anything could be better than suffering endlessly in the hands of Nigeria’s most pain-giving establishment of public services nature.
And when she felt I had calmed down a bit, she looked at me from the corner of her eyes and said,
“My son, you know that in this world there would be people who will hate you for no cause of yours but simply because they hate your father’s guts, don’t worry. All you need do is to not hate them back in return. Even when they see you as beneath them and worse than the shit that came out through their anuses, pay them back big time with LOVE!”
I never understood how I could achieve such a huge charge, but in my life, such an unsolicited advice has really saved me from an early transition from this earth. This place is filled to the brim with all manner of human perfidies that when you want to believe you have seen them all, some other crap would hit you brazenly in the guts and cue into your ears that you haven’t seen anything yet.
Mom, you are the best! Keep on resting in the bosom of the Almighty Maker who created you this good.
#these silly tears wouldn’t let me type anymore.
To be continued!

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