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What To Do When Praying For Your Destiny-Helpers To Locate You


What To Do When Praying For Your Destiny-Helpers To Locate You

admin January 6, 2018
It has been said that God works in mysterious ways buy I want to tell you that before you were born God has destined you for the level you will attain/achieve in your lifetime. He pre-arranges everything to suit His purpose for creating you.
The mineral resource of gold as a precious stone has to undergo a lot of heat before it comes out golden. It has always been gold but initially not golden until it must have gone through certain processes of refinement. And so it is with you. No one knows tomorrow and no one knows tomorrow’s king. It is with tenacity of will and purposes that one who was born into poverty struggles through the challenges that dotted his life path until he hits the light at the end of the tunnel. We have been configured on the Day of Creation to prove our resiliency. Until we prove it, we will not glow and become successful.
In your search for your Destiny-helpers, you’ll need lots of prayers and cutting off from your life certain lifestyles that don’t encourage the Spirit of God to work out God’s will for your life.
Believe me, one you acknowledge God in all your ways, greatness becomes your portion so long as you are not an idle person waiting for Manna to fall from heaven.
Read Genesis 41: 9-31.

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