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Why Is Petrol More Expensive In Anambra State?

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Why Is Petrol More Expensive In Anambra State?

admin January 10, 2018

Who has answers to this perennial question that bothers the minds of every true Anambra son and daughter whenever it is festive period – the time Ndi Anambra go through the exodus of going back home in the spirit of Akuluouno from all over the globe?

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This happens to be the time most business owners in the transport sector of the Nigerian economy which is 99% dominated by Ndigbo will choose to fleece the pockets of their returning brethren all in the name of making quick bucks. Methinks people from other climes engage in discount sales during the Christmas season, but here in Anambra state, it is a time the petrol filling station owner would shove his conscience to the depth of extreme darkness and rip off his own people because capitalism dictates his actions instead of the Word of God. everybody is so caught up in the moment of brazen stealing from their brother that every aspect of the economy of Ndi Anambra becomes affected.
From Lagos to Onitsha that used to be less than #4,000 on road went astronomically high to #15,000 and these people justified their action with the unexplained shortage of petrol in such a n auspicious time most towns had their Mass Return celebrations.
I simply can’t feel the pulse of this barefaced stealing by Anambra people who exploit their own in piranha mode of attack. Does it mean the state government has no jurisdiction to do something about this through the legislative House of Assembly?
I’ll suggest that a legislation should be made whereby buses shuttling into and through Anambra state will have to tender evidences of their fair asking of the wealth our returning brethren are coming home with.
Enough said! Jesus take the wheel biko!


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