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Are These True About Men?

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Are These True About Men?

admin February 9, 2018

Does stupidity stalk the male as his alter ego? Someone insists that men are the most stupid among the two genders of human. He posits that Men are so stupid and can’t stop loving being STUPID!
Jesus Lord!
Find out some of the reasons he came to such a strange conclusion:
1. Man says it is a Man’s World, but actually slaves for a woman and die before his time.
2. He’ll go out of his way to woo a woman into his life only for this woman to come in and take over the entirety of his beingness. Stupid, man!
3. He takes a woman out on a date only to eat onions instead of the barbecue which the woman devours with relish and that cute and subtle sense of selfishness.
4. Man can cheat on another man’s daughter but wouldn’t want to hear of his type cheating on his sister. Wetin?!

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