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Killer-Wives On The Prowl: Does God Ever Forgive Adultery And Murder?

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Killer-Wives On The Prowl: Does God Ever Forgive Adultery And Murder?

admin February 9, 2018

Some issues in life can sound as sordid as they can more-so, when it is a case and issue of adultery-induced murder that is the issue at hand. The manner through which the news got to the people in the Eastern part of Nigeria as regards the gruesome murder of an upwardly mobile young businessman known as Ugochukwu Okeke from Nnewi in Anambra state in the hands of his apprentice-rival and his wife and mother of his children has left a lot of bad taste in the mouth.
This went down in January, and again in this new month of February, another poor dear husband got beaten within inches of his dear life by his wife with the aid of her boyfriend when he went after them to a hotel where they lodged.
These are heinous crimes that negate our traditions in the eyes of man, but God forgives all who truly repent of all their sins. You cannot expect to continue to have access to God’s grace when you refuse to acknowledge your sins and forsaking them. No! It doesn’t work that way!
No sin on the other hand goes without its recompense coming upon you despite your asking for forgiveness because the Bible made it clear that whosoever breaks the hedge, the serpent bites. That is if such a person is alive to suffer through such fate and adjudged punishment. Some don’t get lucky like the fortunate robber who suffered same fate with Jesus Christ the Day He atoned our sins. This robber got a break through the grace of God.
Cain didn’t go scot-free for murdering his brother Abel, for the woman who stabbed her husband to death in Bayelsa state of Nigeria, the verdict came out this week that she will serve a life imprisonment. Nothing stops God from forgiving her whenever she repents, but she must serve out her due punishment and stands to enjoy freedom if God wills it.

Someone threw this question at me, hence my modest reply hinged on Bible standard.


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