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Never Knew A Father Could Love Like This!

Child Upbringing

Never Knew A Father Could Love Like This!

admin February 24, 2018
What is life without love? Love for our children coming from us fathers bellies our oversized coat of masculinity we do everything within our powers to force on others which ultimately diminish traces of such love. The fact that we are men doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel free to be flexible and showoff our love in the corridors of true love.
And so it happened that two male students had a fight and one who has the upper hand injured the other on his fat lips making the injury more incongruous on his face with an unhealthy red blood bleeding of a fresh wound about it. That was how the wounded male student went home to his family and all hell went berserk. Fast forward to the next day, the wounded young man came with an entourage of his three older brothers and their father in tow.
It was a situation you wouldn’t want to find yourself if you are the person whose office is in charge of discipline. The atmosphere became charged. I had to pray to God for direction as such act of visiting violence on fellow student and fighting is a thing we frown seriously on. God came to the rescue at once and I found my voice appealing to the father of the wounded student to ask his three older sons to depart from the school premises as the matter at hand doesn’t require their presence.
Eventually, common sense and reason gained the upper hand and the miraculous thing that happened at this juncture was the fact that the moment these battle-ready brothers of the wounded student were riding out of the school through the second gate was the exact time the father of the aggressor rode in with his son. It would’ve been a sight.
I quickly summoned them all into my office for conciliatory exercise. To my consternation, the two parents to the fighter-students are actually related. The father of the wounded student had earlier insisted on having the money already spent on his son’s injury repaid him, but when he figured it out that it was a fight between two brothers who were ignorant of their level of relationship, he was sorely disarmed.
What brought me to tears was when the father of the aggressor-student went on his knees to plead on the behalf of his son. Ahhh! What a sight to behold!
He did it to save his son from expected beatings that could result to death in the hands of the three older brothers of the injured student. His only son! Fathers rock too!

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