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The Only Four Things That Can Affect You In Life

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The Only Four Things That Can Affect You In Life

admin February 19, 2018
To them that don’t know, life is easy even though it is not, but with your tongue confessing positively that life is easy, your faith will work things out for you. Through confessing Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour, and knowing Him alone as your God – Exodus 20: 1-6 – you stand with God and His word of assurance that ‘nothing shall by any means hurt you’ will come to play.
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In my research while preparing sermon notes, I’ve come to these four conclusions as to the major things that affect us in life with the ability to truncate our destinies.
They are as follows:
1.       Family Problems: The Bible says that one’s household members are his major enemies. This kind of enmity can arise even through the ones among your family members who you love the most. That is why such enmity has sent so many people to the great beyond before their time when they couldn’t accept the pain of such treacherous stab at the back by such people they called loved ones. It could be your favorite son, sister, brother, parent or best friend. Since nature chose these persons for you, you pray and remain in prayer in watchful mode so that every trappings of the enemy using your family members against you will be exposed and your life saved as only one’s own family members know one’s weaknesses more than the outsiders.
2.       Marital Problem: It has been said that a man gets to know his destiny better through the woman he chose for wife. If one’s wife or husband is such a terror to the other, there is every tendency that none of them will live to old age and even when they do, the life lived wouldn’t be a well-lived one. One has to therefore, pray fervently before committing to another person as divorce is still unacceptable to God who set up the marriage institution.
3.       Self Inflicted Problem: Let’s say you have a sin like sex which you binge on, unprotected at that, if a sexually transmitted disease lays ugly hands on you, and peradventure one loses one’s life to such an illness, that becomes a self-inflicted problem to you and to your deceased. Other things could be it like alcohol abuse. When one’s liver takes a hit, health suffers and there life ends, therefore, one has to be very careful to not give in to temptations that destroy one’s life and cut destiny short.
4.       Sacrifices On Evil Altars Against Your Life By The Enemies: This happens to be prevalent in Nigeria today. People you never harm or bother with will begin to work assiduously to have your destiny shattered simply because they have gone to a witch-doctor to figure out your STAR and therefore, takes up arms against you. They will g to forked roads and junctions to speak into your life with sacrifices against your destiny. This is evil and so much hated by God. All you need do here is to sacrifice something that has blood in it to God in a Church where you worship and God will take it up as His battle in a battle of Altar versus altar.

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