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Why Is It That People Hardly Appreciate Correction?


Why Is It That People Hardly Appreciate Correction?

admin February 12, 2018
A lot of factors could be responsible for such an anti-society mode of conduct or character. Young people especially hardly have the mind to tolerate their older ones and parents to correct them on any wrongdoings. We all want to get the world believe that we are now all-knowing and above making mistakes that should be bothered with correction from anybody.
What then could be the reasons behind such offensive mindset at being corrected?
1.       First of all, people’ minds are already made up prior to committing such a wrong that petrifies the society. They have already made answers for their wrongdoings and will dare you to argue with yourself when you chose not to see things their way instead of accepting corrections graciously given them free of charge. On the other hand, bias in someone’s mind is it.
2.       Hypocrisy in the lives of supposed role models challenges young ones to no end. How could a pastor commit such a sin and have the temerity to defend his/her inanity?! But have you ever bothered to find out the fact that you have your own life to live that is not structured or patterned after the lifestyle and character of a Man/Woman of God.
3.       Some people are naturally stubborn and can’t ever yield themselves to higher authority. That is why a youth who from his teenage years was beaten and admonished to refrain from his perfidious life ends up shot dead by the police in a gun-duel and exchange of fire for such crime as kidnapping, armed-robbery and child trafficking.
4.       Tempers run short these days as the economy sucks dear breath out of people’ lives and pockets. But when you have all your trust in God, He makes things easier for you even when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
5.       Social media lifestyle(s) of some celebrities in all its anathematic influence is another. People who are well-read and exposed will come up on social media and spew out such foul expressions that do more harm than good and dare you to say otherwise. With the help of certain buttons on these social media platforms like Facebook, they reserve the right to make you understand they are nothing but social media bullies and tyrants. Now, our young ones learn from these ones who they see as the best and put-up worst conducts on social media platforms.
When everyone is blind in the society, I wonder what the fate of that society would be!?
Now you know better why we are the way we are! Jesus take the wheel please again!

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