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Why Your Marriage Is Loveless (A Must Read)

Divorce And Marriage

Why Your Marriage Is Loveless (A Must Read)

admin February 28, 2018

Without the icing, this broken cake looks not so appealing. Find the icing for your marriage!
Have you ever for once been caught up in the web of envying couples whose marriages appear cool on them? Or perhaps you still steamy your poor self in the gutters of envy for couples who have mastered the art of keeping the sail going in their marriage despite the storms of life all around them? It takes hardwork and sacrifices to achieve such beauty in the lives of two persons who chose to come together to build a family. The catch word here is build. It takes two to tango is an old cliché we are all conversant with. There is no marriage devoid of its challenges, so don’t believe it when anyone tells you that some other person’s marriage is a walk through the garden – like they say – a bed of roses. That’s a fantasy I’ll urge you to snap out of.
The problem bedeviling your marriage could be spiritual or otherwise. The problem of your marriage which keeps you awake at night and teary is different from the one harassing life out of another couple. A nagging wife could be a huge problem for Mister A but a wayward and adulterous wife is Mister B’s headache. They live with their issues but maintain a still water silence so that the world wouldn’t mock them on the news of their separation and subsequent divorce. People pretend a lie but where marriage is concerned, a little of pretense that all is well helps steady the boat of one’s marriage which is being tossed about by waves of life. It offers a kind of relief.
But for the benefit of this article, I have another question for you. Have you ever for once bothered to ask God if your loveless marriage is as a result of projections of ill into your marriage by the enemy? If you dare ask God such a question, you’ll definitely get answer from Him. Your once loving wife has ended up being cruel to you and treat you like you are her houseboy; don’t you want to figure out what went wrong? There is an enemy at work in the life of your marriage.
What then are you expected to do about such a drunkard of a husband you are married to or that chronic philanderer that calls himself your husband? Don’t worry! God is aware of what you are going through. The fact that He pointedly said in Jeremiah 29:17 that – “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” – Then, you need not fret but remain patient with God. He has your best interest at heart. But I want you to know that He is not a fast food God.
Take your pains and frustrations in your marriage to Him in prayers. The projections of the enemy will always be reversed to suit God’s purpose for your destiny. Remember that He has promised you a good end. Whatever you are facing in your marriage has an expiry date. It may not be easy, but when you hold God fir to His word, He will take care of you. I know of a woman whose husband took through hell and back by not providing for her and their children, today that woman has been able to have her husband delivered from it all that the family travels to the USA on vacation during the summer holidays.
That too can be your portion when you trust God.

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