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How To Handle Critics And Their Stock In Trade

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How To Handle Critics And Their Stock In Trade

admin March 6, 2018
With the way things are going in the country at the moment, one has  to be careful less he falls into the temptation of suffering and persecution that has no reason to come his way in the first place.
People in positions of authority are finding it easier to be accountable to the masses/electorate who voted them into power these days. Therefore, they seek out the loopholes in the Constitution and exploit it against the governed. Now, people have come to live in fear of the unknown as the bill is before the upper chamber of Nigeria’s legislative. Hate speech Bill, the new sheriff in town.
But I want the Nigerian politicians to not despair as the criticisms we pile and throw at them are to work out the good for common man. No one seems to have what it takes to tolerate criticisms. Criticisms help you straighten out. It helps the nation grow with near invincible traces of corruption which has bedeviled this country for ages.
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How then can one handle criticism? Every profession and vocation attracts criticisms once one is working for the public, therefore, this guide is for everybody who has been criticized by anybody over a presumed wrong or twisted good done in a particular situation in life.
1.      As no one glories in criticism – even though one can come out triumphant from the scathing effects of criticisms – as it hurts, but you stand to grow when you accept that you are not above criticism. You must therefore start by making up your mind to accept the fact that you are human capable of making mistakes and being misunderstood even when you did good.
2.      You must inculcate the spirit of tolerance. When the criticisms hurt you so much, take a deep breath and embark on damage control devoid of bitterness to avoid backlash and further damage being done to your image and personality.
3.      Love conquers all challenges. When the people you are working for criticize you, if there is love in you, you’ll disarm them with a cute smile that stops them in their track.
4.      Understanding is of importance here. Not even Jesus Christ had it easy on his shoulders while trying to redeem the world of their myriad of afflictions. When you are misunderstood, do the needful by offering an explanation.  Don’t feel you are too good to be humble. Humility provides you the grace to be uplifted, whereas arrogance prepares you for a fall of epic proportions.
5.      Lastly, be on an emotional guard so you will not be caught napping or be found wanting by being in a hurry to say things that will further pull you off the high position providence has provided you.
Good luck!
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