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There Are Other Things That Kill Nigerians Faster Than Boko Haram And Armed Herdsmen

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There Are Other Things That Kill Nigerians Faster Than Boko Haram And Armed Herdsmen

admin March 7, 2018

Nigeria is passing through what most developed countries have experienced in the distant past only that Nigeria’ shackles and yokes are self-inflicted. Nigerian factor is a clichéd phrase that hides a multitude of unspoken anomalies and sheer conglomerate of evil that have been allowed to run simply because Nigeria is that goat that belongs to the entire community for which no one is interested in feeding but we all are interested in the milk it provides even in its impoverished condition.
Let me not bore you with the history of how Nigeria lost it since 1966 and the attendant loss of millions of lives in the fratricidal civil war between Nigeria and Biafra from 1967 to 1970       . Millions of lives went south in such an expedition that has left us worse off than we were before we lost it.
Today, those sins still live with and among us. Compared to the number of lives already wasted by the scourge of such disgusting pillage known as Boko Haram and Armed Herdsmen, millions of lives of Nigerians are still declining and lives departing this harsh and cruel place as a result of the following:
1.      Mental torture as a result of our religiosity. We pretend our love for God, yet we hate one another and are ready to take up arms to kill each other because of our individual denomination. This has given rise to ethnocentrism and mediocrity and nepotism which have seen to the enthronement of corruption in every area of our life. 
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2.      We lack humility. Such spirit doesn’t live in us. Once we feel we have achieved what is feeding change to Bill Gates, we embark on material quest and make people who wouldn’t bow to us understand we have connections to high places that are nothing but highway to perdition. Phew!
3.      Believe you me! We have lost our cool with God and now dare him. The fact that He is patient and throwing the sufficiency of His grace at us does not mean He has lost touch with His ways of Old. All we do these days is judge one another and leave damaging remarks on each other’s assumed misconduct as negates the charge in Matthew 7:1-5 which teaches us to refrain from judging one another and do away with hypocrisy. Take a look at how we conduct ourselves as a people on social media platforms. No chill in us.
4.      Permit my generalization, but it is for obvious effect. We all are in this mess together because in one way or another our actions and inactions have resulted in posing Nigeria the way we are today. Now take a look at this scenario. We practice high-wired witchcraft by being envious of one another’s blessings. Envy is one of the first sins that led to murder as found in the life of Cain. Did you not hear about a supposed lady who sent hired assassins after her colleague at work simply because she met a future husband whom she claimed spoke to her first before this her fortunate colleague? Thank God she sent the sms to the wrong number and the owner of this wrong telephone number did what was needful. Praise God!
5.      In our political life as a people, what do we see? Nothing that glorifies God! Vanity is pursued in an unbridled fervour. Fervour here stands for corruption. Go figure!

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