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Why God’s GRACE Is What It Is


Why God’s GRACE Is What It Is

admin March 13, 2018
The most important thing you need to understand about God and this grace he freely gives is the fact that you do not deserve it. He gives to us simply because he brought us into this life in the first place and therefore, we do not have to struggle for anything in life. Depending on your needs and mindset and understanding, the grace of God tells us why we need not come short of God’s glory through sinful living. Sin does not on the other hand mean you have been cut off God’s grace. He’s aware of your weakness in this regard. Read, Revelations 3:8
The crux of this article is for you to work hard to remain under the canopy of God where the umbrella of His grace is not in tatters and wavering when storms of life hit it. Grace is God’s exclusive preserve and your duty is to make sure you are covered by asking for this all-out insurance as encapsulated in God’s grace by living a life that acknowledges the fact that we are born through sin and living a life of sin. Only through confessing your sins do you guarantee your place inside God’s all-embracing all-encompassing GRACE.
Live a life of grace today and begin to prosper.
Further reading: Exodus 33:19

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