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Why It Is Difficult For Nigerians To Appreciate New Month Goodwill Messages

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Why It Is Difficult For Nigerians To Appreciate New Month Goodwill Messages

admin March 3, 2018
It appears that the fad today on most social media platforms is for young people to betray a wry sense of anger towards goodwill prayers and messages other people drop on their timelines for the purposes of wishing them well as they struggle through life’s challenges with its attendant perfidious pains. It challenges me to no end that people who accepted such exchange of goodwill messages and prayers and gifts would now threaten to block anyone who goes to their timeline to publish such goodwill. They bluntly tell you to keep it to yourself. Who goodwill epp they’ll quip in Nigerian parlance. Quite funny but highly hypocritical on their part I must confess.
Then I took out time to investigate this manner of perverse social skill that rubs off badly on this generation that learns dumb things faster than they could count money which is all they seem to live for. Permit my harshness!
I found out from some respondents the following:
·         Lack of faith in God. This generation is fast turning away from God and have lost the patience other developed nations and their peoples lived and suffered through with before they achieved where they are today. Our people want what Europe and the USA have in a country that is going through the teething stages of leadership.
·         They don’t believe in our present crop of leadership and politicians anymore. Even yours sincerely doesn’t believe in our leaders again, but I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel of our corporate existence as a nation. Hope is important here.
·         Our people lack the drive and seriousness to effect this change they desire for Nigeria. Where seriousness is needed, we use the technique of suffering and smiling to diffuse the tension enveloping us. No wonder we were once said to be the happiest people on earth. Dumb! As at today, Voters registration exercise is going on but instead of our people to go out and vent Channel that airs the Big Brother Naija challenge. Misplaced priorities. Too bad!
·         On a more serious note, it takes ages for dreams to be nurtured and actualized in Nigeria today. The IMF has come out to say that more Nigerians are now poorer. This has made our youth to believe that praying to God is a waste of precious time they should’ve used on dishonourable means like voodoo, drug trafficking and other online dubiousness as found in the activities of the Yahoo-yahoo boys. We wake up on daily basis to be assailed by the silliest of stories as money-swallowing snakes and what have you to rationalize the sleaze here. It is appalling and our youth may want to believe that hardwork doesn’t pay.

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