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Homosexuality: An Aberration Or a Natural Order Of Life?

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Homosexuality: An Aberration Or a Natural Order Of Life?

admin April 5, 2018

I love life and wouldn’t want to lose my freedom to mingle with all irrespective of their sexuality. I didn’t create them the way they are. I have been admonished to not judge less I be judged by such parameters used in judging and condemning others.
In Nigeria today, being gay is the last thing you may foolishly go out of your way to wish on yourself. Fourteen years behind bars. In a Nigerian prison? Even the good Lord wouldn’t come to your help when you enter such restriction because He too frowns heavily on such way of sexual life. How dare you accept that you are gay? Your family members would disown you and see to it that you are ostracized with little drama lest government sees them as bating and aiding such un-African-ness.
So tell me, is being gay truly an aberration or it is the way you are created?


  1. Abimisola November 23, 2018


    1. admin November 27, 2018

      You are right in your own answer Sola!

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