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Love Is Life’s Biggest Challenge – Read Why!


Love Is Life’s Biggest Challenge – Read Why!

admin April 5, 2018

“I loved him. I gave up my rights and submitted my body to his pleasure. Yet, he allowed our beautiful relationship to go through the sinkhole.”

Awwww! Poor sister is in a sick relationship with a thug. Poor dear!
Now, how could a relationship this beautiful be allowed to slip through the sinkhole? Where do you expect to go to in other to recover the beautiful moments shared that made this gone-with-the-South-winds relationship back on its track? Well, I know that when one steels his or her heart with the knowledge and understanding of the legend that says: “hearts are meant to be broken”, it will be easier for who suffers closed once-beautiful relationship. But nothing is perfect in love and in any relationship seeing that our desires keep shifting from North to South in our quest to experience the best of life before we wave this life a goodbye. It’s a case of different sauce for different folks.
Even people who have had their hearts broken into smithereens and have vowed not to have a thing with relationship again still give love a chance on the corrective and helpful pretense that love needs a second chance and as many chances as it can accept without bothering with their poor fragile heart and how much beating it can take.
Nothing makes one behave stupidly like falling in love with this person that raises butterfly in your stomach anytime you remember the deepest kisses shared which set your heart palpitating out of control that you really begin to believe losing such a person will make you lose your poor life. Hmmm! Falling in love is sickening all the time, but the feeling it brings can last one an eternity. That is why love is world’s greatest challenge to the humans who just can’t discipline themselves to fall in love for the right reasons. Some love copulation and deem it equal with falling in love and audaciously dare anyone to educate them aright. This gives rise to confusing signals that giving your body to a man makes him love you over and above other women. Mbanu! A man is like a floating insect or butterfly that teases your petals in the glow of morning shine and will move to the next flower plant and her petals until he gets to the one with that alluring scent that makes him lower his proboscis and suck-off your virginal fluid.
Do you know that falling in love makes one get sick of loving love? Love is man’s greatest challenge and nothing else. And mind you, love is a broad topic, so, let me stop here and let you be.

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