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What Giving Has Got To Do With Your Situation As A Childless Couple (A Story)

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What Giving Has Got To Do With Your Situation As A Childless Couple (A Story)

admin April 23, 2018

Nothing in this life for some people is as difficult as giving a helping hand to people we are better than or them that are better than us.
Some people give grudgingly and end up not receiving the reward that their good deed is supposed to have earned them, while others give willingly in obedience to the will of God. It takes the grace of God to understand that when you give, it becomes an opportunity to receive more. This is not about having you brainwashed, it is a divine admonition. Even the philosophers out there know that nothing beats giving to people of diverse class irrespective of your financial status. That’s why they boldly tell you that “Givers never lack”.
Some people will keep receiving and believing that their giver(s) need nothing or desire anything in return from them. That’s myopic! We all give and expect something in return from our receivers. Jesus Christ questioned his disciples over why it was only one of the ten lepers he healed could come back for appreciation. He wasn’t asking for much other than appreciation. Saying it verbally may not be enough. You will need to give up something for what you have received.
And so it happened in the life of a man whose wife is yet to conceive after ten years. He was driving out of his compound when a woman dressed in tatters hit the side of his window and asked for help. He couldn’t remember seeing this beggarly looking woman before neither did he see her the first time he looked the direction she came from
He was agitated in the spirit but a voice insisted he give it all to her and he obeyed by giving this woman all the money in his pockets.
As he was driving on and away after easing off on his car’s break pedal, he looked through his driving mirror and saw this woman beggar waving him on, but when he looked at her again, she was no where to be found. He stopped and carefully scanned his surroundings to no avail as he couldn’t see this beggar. She had vanished into thin air.
That night, he met with his wife and she conceived.
Givers are known to give out those horrible situations and challenges in their lives. Those who are given to hospitality are known to have entertained angels who changed their situations in life.
I want and wish and pray you avail yourself this opportunity to have your own story divinely-scripted.


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