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The True Meaning Of Slay King And Queen


The True Meaning Of Slay King And Queen

admin May 24, 2018

If you happen to be among the people who prowl the social media sphere on daily basis, you  then must have been undated with the flagrant use of the term slay queen mostly by guys whose love for the ladies they pretentiously profess even when they use this term out of envy  and to cajole the female folk.
But my drift is not in tandem with the social media uses or usage of the term, but with how a slay king in the Bible known as Samson got slayed and outwitted by his slay queen, Delilah.
Some of us guys who prefer using this moniker on themselves just like Samson was able to slay every human opposition along his way, but couldn’t see his closest opposition Delilah to slay and stop in her tracks of deceitfulness and curious tough luck bad romance have refused to learn from Samson’ experience. This carelessness cost Samson dearly.
You’ll agree with me that experience which is said to be the best teacher doesn’t serve some guys curiousity in women – here – slay queens anymore, and this has given rise to the untimely demise of young men in today’s world.
Like we say in Nigeria’ social media parlance, kabashing can help you be a proper slay king and queen. Kabashing means praying until something desired comes your way. If you refuse to do so, you may end up like Samson and die without the grace of a second chance from God. Pray before you go after that slay king/queen so you do not end up like Samson.
But God forbid that becomes your suit.

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