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What Can One Do With Their Enemies!

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What Can One Do With Their Enemies!

admin May 24, 2018

Enemies are a forceful agent provocateur used by God himself to bring you closer to him. Bringing you closer to God here simply means efforts being made by God to get you live your life in accordance with his will and desire for your life. Once your life pleases God, it irks Satan and his human agents and gets them into action. They will manufacture lies and seek out tales against you out of the abundance of their glaring inadequacies so as to get to you and have you brought to their level of gutter thuggery – that is if God accepts you’ll fall. That is how you will be minding your life’s calling and people who pretend their love for what you are doing would wake up to attack you to see you fall out from the love of God for your life, but I want you to know that God has got your back so long as you do away with sinful lifestyle and take your challenge(s) coming from the enemy’s camp to God in prayer. Prayer and fasting is the best approach to whatever dart the camp of the enemy is throwing at you.
Prayer upsets them the more and when you resist the devil, he will flee from you wounded and vanquished.
Therefore, no matter what you may be passing through at the moment, take it to God in prayer as He has been itching to hear from you to be sure you truly believe in Him as your shelter and protector. I want to assure you that God doesn’t forsake His own.

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