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What The Term WOKE Stand For

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What The Term WOKE Stand For

admin May 24, 2018

I really want to believe that not all is conversant with this rave-of-the-moment term that has dominated our e-media space like such a colossus. It took me time to really bother having gotten the meaning without making an attempt to figure out its etymology if such could be acceptably applicable here.
I know that I stumbled on this word/term while seeing the Empire Series some years back, but the term hadn’t gripped Nigerian online users of social media platforms then as it does today.
Everybody wants to sound wokeeven when they are walking the path of stack ignorance, so long as your wish is to sound woke like every other friend of yours that commands friends’ attention when their updates achievetoo many comments and likes which invariably corrupts your perception that such exhibition of ignorance as found on one’s friend’s timeline is it and woke.
Well, from where I’m seated hitting the keypads of this laptop of mine that has sent me into a long hiatus, W-O-K-E stands for – We Organize For Knowledge And Empowerment.
Now, the question is this, how many humans have you helped acquire knowledge and ultimately gone ahead to empower in this life we live, not knowing when we will leave it behind?
Dwell more on this question whenever you needed to stay and sound woke.
Being woke means being of use to humanity and not a fad thingy that help massage your highfaluting ego.

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