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Attributes Of Envious-minded Friends And Family Members Revealed


Attributes Of Envious-minded Friends And Family Members Revealed

admin June 11, 2018

…they are like erosion in your life
The worst kind of shock we individually suffer through in life is in not having accurate knowledge of who the rat in our life is. Most people go about in life ignorant of who to trust with their secrets. First thing first, nothing is secret in life. But we still need that person – such a treasure to find nowadays – who we can trust with our secrets as we all have secrets due to our nature of imperfection. Whatever you are doing requires you make use of support and advice from other people. Such people could be members of your family or those friends you consider trust-worthy but they are not when the chips are down. That is what gives these unfortunately envious-minded persons the audacity to toy with your happiness in the first place.
Now, I want you to prepare your mind here. If Jesus Christ could allow Judas Iscariot in the life of his ministry here on earth, why wouldn’t you learn to live with the impunities of some disgruntled persons in your life?
If you put your mind to it, you will realize that the first thing you’ll notice about envious family members and friends and even neighbours wherever you find them is the fact that they are toxic in nature. They will abuse you and will still refuse to apologize to you or seek for your forgiveness. Peradventure they stab you in the back without you knowing, they would muster the effrontery to come before you and go hypocritical and laugh you to scorn when you are not watching. And when you eventually figure it out, they will give you a thousand and one reasons to justify their action. They will dare you to do your worst. As they never cared for what you guys share – friendship and or blood – they look forward to losing your love, something their heart lack in the first place.
Share with such an envious-hearted person any of your successes; s/he will turn it into a competition of some sort. They will start by reeling off their achievements to belittle yours which oftentimes they obviously pull off the cobwebs. They are angry at you for having the temerity to become successful in anything in life. If anyone should be successful, it has to be them and definitely NOT you. If you would be careful with such a person, you’d realize that after competing with you by telling you the obvious lies of their own achievements that no message of congratulations has come forth from them for you.
Now wait for this. These envy-pummeled hearts in your life would tear you to shreds whenever they assume you are wrong over any action of yours. Have you seen a mother-hen pecking away at some unfortunate wall-gecko? You’ll suffer worse fate in the hands of such family member or friend. The most nerve-grating thing about this attitude of such envious hearts in our lives is the fact that people believe them simply because they gosh about your presupposed wrong from a point of closeness to you. People have the knack to believe their tale-bearing nature when they realize the victim here is you who is family or friend with such mean people. Now you’ll understand why Chimamanda Adichie picked up the table an assumed classmate and family stood on to publicly caution her over her manner of reaction to Mrs. Hilary Clinton’s twitter biography and shook it vehemently that the table got shattered that this family fell and broke her legs. Being confrontational may be the best way to shut them up when you do not have the patience and maturity to let God fight for you.
Sometimes taking the fight to them is the best way to keep the dog away from the meat on the grill. That way, they would understand that you too don’t need them in your life for any reasons whatsoever.
Such unfortunate persons of envious heart are so mean that they don’t care if they break your heart and you die as a result, hence some victims of their antics will choose to throw caution to the winds and jump inside the ring of public opprobrium and its attendant disadvantages and give them a payback that throw them out of your beautiful life which is what brought about the envy.
They have looked and seen that your life is better than theirs irrespective of whether they are richer than you. You know what you are going through in life but because you are like the duck paddling with all her strength under the strong water current but look so calm and collected on the water surface, you have invited their envy. Take back the invite biko! You are too good to be heckled over nothing.
Are you struggling in life, they are happy. You’ll incur their wrath when you wouldn’t go to them for help. Not that when you go to them for real help they would give it you anyway. No! They would prefer you don’t grow in life so that their fake beautiful lives will make you envious of them, but instead, you prefer to hold tenaciously to life with the attendant challenges it throws your way and still appear much more beautiful than they will ever be.
When you eventually make it in life, they will go to town with such outlandish tales about you that you begin to find it difficult understanding the workings of the minds of people who believe these unfortunate hearts in the first place. Yes, people are gullible and can believe anything said about you so long as it gives them the orgasmic satisfaction these envious hearts that invariably are sadistic in nature live for.
Stay away from envious-minded people who especially can’t contain their envy for you. So long as this demon of envy is still resident in the hearts of such unfortunate persons, there’s nothing you do that will impress them. Just stick to impressing yourself and God. They don’t deserve you, having made it obvious. And don’t try to tolerate them. Make your mind open to them and tell them that you are not ignorant of what lives in them – demon of hatred and envy. These unfortunate persons are toxic and that means they are sadistic and can’t be happy except when they have caused you more harm because you have refused to shut the door to your heart and weaknesses to their faces. Now you know why I call them unfortunate. They see you as above board and would do everything to pull you down. They suffer from Ph.D syndrome – pull him/her down – and such a disease is incurable except when God is involved. They will tell you that you can’t change them as thriving in their wickedness gives them a sense of achievement and contentment. But they do not know that they are merely existing and not living seeing that they are of no use to humanity.
Once you find any of these attributes in them, don’t even wait to suffer what Jesus suffered in Judas Iscariot’s hands, just cut them off, but don’t hate them. You will have to pray to God to forgive them even though they are aware of the pains they have caused you. Don’t worry. Such is life!

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