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Extra-judicial Killing: Does This Best Define Us As A People?

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Extra-judicial Killing: Does This Best Define Us As A People?

admin June 20, 2018

I was about 7 the first time I overheard adults discussing in hushed voices how a known criminal met his waterloo and was murdered and burnt beyond recognition over his banditry. The shock has not left me. At the morning devotion in my church few hours after this known criminal and his friend had met their untimely demise, a hymn was sang that morning. This song etched it into my memory to never forget the day the adults initiated me into their world of devilry. I’m yet to come to terms how human beings treat their fellow humans any different from the manner they treat the domesticated animals they roast on fire.

Jungle Justice! Extra-judicial killing. There you have it! From Onitsha to University of Port Harcourt’s Aluu 4 to this one that went down because the young man murdered a fellow human being, law of an-eye-for-an-eye took effect. Lives on Lagos streets mean little to the angry populace who suffer from bad leadership and serial corruption. Tempers are always thin and short.

But nothing excuses this aspect of the way we are. Its barbaric to take life when we have our law courts to push the wheel of justice on any crime that bring about such callousness in us. Though our justice system may not be perfect, but it saves lives using correctional means. Let our laws rule please!


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