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Nigeria Is A Distraction To All Of Us {A MUST READ}

Nigerian Matters

Nigeria Is A Distraction To All Of Us {A MUST READ}

admin June 27, 2018
What could anyone have expected from our Super Eagles who are from a country that got them edgy in their final group match against the Argentine team? It is all thanks but no thanks to the killings going on in Nigeria and the one that got us all distracted on Sunday when over two hundred human beings, and not cattle, lost their lives to the unchallenged daredevilry of the Fulani Herdsmen.
From MTN selling a supposedly month’s data package which lasts 7 days eventually  to NEPA (forgive my French) not letting us watch the matches at the on-going World Cup in Russia within the confines of our homes – they perpetuated a culture of effecting cut from public power supply having gone into agreement with Pub owners who have settled them obviously – to policemen having the audacity to ask for “wetin you carry?” and letting you go once you carry naira note from 20 naira to 100 naira and plant it into their palms. It is sickening!
What about a leadership that looks elsewhere and be accusing politicians of stoking the embers of what they politically term herdsmen-farmers clash and ignore the huge number of lives of innocent Nigerians who have lost their lives since this carnage started? What about DSS picking people up without the consent of the Court?
No wonder our boys who played gallantly couldn’t keep their nerves even when they already had secured such prominent victory that was supposed to have launched them into the next round.
Nigeria sucks! Big time!
I have no other country I can call my own but Nigeria is such a distraction to all of us!

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