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Question And Answer Session – Handling An Ex (Must Read)


Question And Answer Session – Handling An Ex (Must Read)

admin June 27, 2018

Hello Aj,
I want to find out if it is right and morally justifiable for one to keep pictures of an ex on his social media accounts since the parties have moved on?
It is not that morally right but justifiable seeing as nothing makes it wrong socially speaking when you realize that you once walked the moon with this person when he was in your life. It is not morally right only when you have moved on to another love but not when you are still sulking over what went wrong. If you have moved on, having an ex’ photos on your social media accounts could ruin your present relationship.
Good memories can’t be wished away, therefore, every effort must be made to hold on to past memories that gladden our hearts when nostalgia beckons, therefore, keep your ex’ photos where your present squeeze wouldn’t find them. All will be fine at last!

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