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Subhumans Of This World And Their Attributes {Relationship Matters}


Subhumans Of This World And Their Attributes {Relationship Matters}

admin June 19, 2018

…you don’t need motor-park approach to love
Let me start like this…
There are certain people we eventually nailed while foraging the earth for the best of humans to have for keeps. Eventually your dreams come to fruition. But that evil in you wouldn’t let you keep this beloved of yours. All your red-light nemesis come to the fore and your beloved started looking for means to get even and you ended up upping the ante instead of yielding so as to smoother things between the two of you. You let the handle fly and boom; your beloved becomes your most hated. Yet you love him/her still. You hate you because you have lost your beloved whom you can’t live to see another take your reject. Yes, you have rejected him or her! Why then are you playing Lot’s wife on your ex?
And then, when you are convinced it’s over between you guys, you go murky and show your true colours which set you out as the scumbag that you are. Now this is my question for you.
“So because you fall out of love and favour with someone you have shared intimacy with, you now think that raking up and posting those damn munched chats of love fever of nether-years between you two, and their nude photos and videos is the way to get back at someone your disgusting attributes pushed out of your life in the first place?”
It is saddening, petty, vindictive, immature and wicked of you!
Hello honey! Learn to move on. You have been in this business of loving before your ex., so don’t destroy him/her because of your inability to keep love down. This is bad time for such. Stuff like this get people depressed. You don’t want to lead no one to their early graves.
And you my dear take it from me. Don’t deal with people who have nothing to lose when losing isn’t an option here.
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