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The Three Ts Of Life


The Three Ts Of Life

admin June 15, 2018

The Book of wisdom says that a particular thing happens to everything we do in life.
There is time for everything in life and this brings me to the first T of life.
Time seems to be in abundance for any person laden with the spirit of procrastination, but remember the saying that says “time and tide waits for no man.” The best time to let that your dream to take off is now. As in NOW! Read my lips. LOL!
If you have the ability to understand that your dream is being pushed by your talent, then you must have realized the time you wasted day-dreaming. Learn to use your talent as soon as you have discovered your truest calling. When you hit that turf, it is your talent that will keep you focused as it is the only thing your foundation is built on where success in life is concerned.
Treasure here means money. How can you possibly squander what time and talent blessed you with simply because you have insatiable crave to satisfy your wants? Maintain your lane by satisfying your needs and helping those in need. Only people who didn’t sweat before treasure locates them spend it frivolously.
Treasure your treasure and more will locate your bank account.

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