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This Humbles All Men!

Child Upbringing

This Humbles All Men!

admin June 19, 2018

Coming from no other person other than your mother, you are properly subbed and taken to the cleaners if you refuse to get off the high horse around your mother. Mothers have no chill when you refuse to give them the pride of place when they are around you and your so-called bourgeoisie friends – the nouveau riche – who now turned you away from the love your mother expects from you.
She’ll come into your obi and start like this:
“Listen good young man. I’m your mother. I weaned you all these many years and you sucked and bit these breasts – she pushes them up for equal effect which makes you bow your head in a kind of shame. I equally wiped that your fancy ass, so don’t be stupid with me!”
You dare not be foolish enough to allow her move over to that more annoying and humiliating line of saving you and raising you to not end up like your irresponsible father. If you had not gotten up to smoother her with a hug and kisses, then she’s not your mother. Forget if she’s your biological mother or not. She raised you is all that matters.
Go figure!
This nice little piece is dedicated to all our mothers living and dead. The love that comes from them is the real deal.

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