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This Is The Best Way To Handle Challenges In Your Life


This Is The Best Way To Handle Challenges In Your Life

admin June 20, 2018


…yesterday is gone, stay focused on today and tomorrow
I do say that I love the good life and do know at the back of my heart that there is no such thing like good life devoid of challenges.
Challenges are the reason you gain on experience(s) and you use those experiences garnered to face your today and tomorrow. How can anyone wish life and her ever-nagging twin – CHALLENGE – away? That would be preposterous!
Without you having those challenges coming your way, your life would have been without the spices. Even if you like pray for a life without challenges, God will laugh you to scorn. Like you forgot that He didn’t make it easy for Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, you prayed wrongly dear!
Now, the best way to handle challenges is to see them as rocks or stones thrown at you by LIFE. What then do you do with the rocks or stones around you? You use them to build yourself a mansion befitting of a human being that loves the way God made His earth for all of us.
Use your experiences powered by life challenges to become who you want to be. Do be unmindful of what the other voice is saying to you in mockery that you will not get to your own promised land and rather listen and act out whatever the Still Voice tells you do. Then you will end up a success.


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