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You Have Not Been Jazzed, You Are Simply Lazy

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You Have Not Been Jazzed, You Are Simply Lazy

admin June 11, 2018

Certain things about this life and what life gives to us when we didn’t ask for them which we look down on and handle with so much disdain that some wannabe would be sick with worry why the Igbo saying from dog about them with padded backsides not knowing how to sit unlike him wey to sit too dey hungry but for the tail comes to mind here.
From the Bible, Jesus Christ taught us the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). In a nutshell, Jesus wants for us not to take for granted any talent He reposed in us as every talent is like the mustard seed which when properly nurtured will grow to become a lot of things to different needs of humanity.
The Story
And so it happened that a woman who was gifted with culinary expertise set up a makeshift canteen where she prepares beans and roast plantain in a way that attracted customers from far and near. Her condiments were known to her alone. Money started coming in and then she decided to hire a help. Within time, she stopped coming out to prepare the delicacies only she knew too well. Could it be pride or laziness or a combination of both that became her albatross? She left everything into the hands of her help. Make I res small! She must have said.
At a point, her help resigned and moved over to another part of the city to replicate what her boss was doing even though she couldn’t get it properly. The recipe thing. Yes!
The time it took this lazy woman to realize that she had lost her position was when she eventually reported at her duty post and another lady who used to prepare noodles with fried eggs near her had taken her place. This lady having realized that people who have tasted the talented woman’s culinary expertise needed her to offer them such a service went to her and pressured her into cooking beans served with roast plantain, summoned courage that made her delve into an unknown terrain. But for the fact that she was cooking beans that is served with roast plantain, the support kept on coming not too mindful of this other woman’s recipe not being as tasty as the talented woman’.
Then this lazy woman started going about spreading malicious rumour about the woman that took her place. How she had used witchcraft to destroy her once thriving business having seen that her former patrons have shifted their loyalty to her competition.
A lot of young businesses that we set up with our raw talents ended up collapsing as a result of our nonchalant approach to entrepreneurship and misuse of talent.
No matter your place of calling in life, don’t toy with laziness as it has no good support for you at the end of the day.

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