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Echo: Teaching On Love (A Must Read Story)

Child Upbringing

Echo: Teaching On Love (A Must Read Story)

admin July 29, 2018

A story is told of a boy his father took inside a cave for a lesson of a lifetime.
It happened that while they were negotiating a bend inside this cave, the boy mistakenly hit his toe on a stone and gave out a sharp wince in pains and the echo returned his cry back to him. This got him angry and he glared at the owner of the mockery voice who he couldn’t see. He lost it and started abusing the voice and its owner who kept on mimicking him and his emotion-laden voice until his father came to his rescue.
This is what his father taught him. He impressed it on him to say loving words to the unseen mocker – the Echo. When he obliged his father, he became glad he did.
The lesson here is that you stand to receive whatever you sowed in any person in this life. Use soothing words on people and you’ll reap same in return, but do the opposite, you must prepare for worst.
I pray you choose the former.   
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