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Powerful Quote For The Day

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Powerful Quote For The Day

admin July 3, 2018

Let’s truly love one another and show depression the door
“There is no greater love than self-love.”
There is no greater love than the one that made God send down His only begotten Son to rescue us from the diseases of hatred as found in the hearts of human beings. Someone said the other day that self-love is the best middle finger to life’s perfidious ways and her people. But you all know that is sassy and ungodly.
What a contradiction you may say! Yes! In a world where LOVE is now being replaced in clever fashion with HATE, nothing beats calling up what Christ deposited in you by his stripes to come to your rescue instead of allowing the spiteful hatred from the closest people in your life bring you to an early death and an eternal condemnation because of the sin of suicide.
People are suffering seriously from DEPRESSION and no one is doing much to help anyone simply because we all will have to bear our burdens all alone. Living in a world that has more of bad news than good news depresses but when you take them all to God in prayer, you will have nothing but love left in your life. This love will make you give what you have which is LOVE. Remember that it is said that one cannot give what s/he doesn’t have, but I want to assure you that when you have self-love, you’ll know jack about love and that means you’ll know how to put yourself in other people’ shoes. That way, compassion will stop you from being quick in judging and condemning people while they go through such daunting challenges you are ignorant of.
This is what self-love truly means.
Please let’s hear from you and do remember to share this post with your friends let’s heal one another.

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