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Question And Answer Session – My Husband Is Oke-Mkpi!


Question And Answer Session – My Husband Is Oke-Mkpi!

admin July 18, 2018
…may your home not break!

Dear Aj,

What Do I Do With This Kind Of Husband?

Can you imagine what this man did to break my heart? The father of my four children and the man of my dream who deflowered me when he married me at the age of nineteen a year after my secondary school education just did something that I’m finding difficult forgiving. I am 38 and a housewife.
Last week, information got to me that my aged mother is sick and needed to be taken to the hospital. I begged him to drive me down so we take my mother to the hospital but he excused himself by saying he is sick. I eventually left for my father’s compound, but on the way it dawned on me that it would rain and there was no umbrella in my carryall, therefore I decided to get back home.
On getting home, I moved straight into our room and it was in darkness. I then switched on the light and found this oke-mkpi with another woman in my matrimonial bed and behold it was the woman who plaits my hair. When I screamed out my disgust and pain, he had the effrontery to threaten me with a second wife. I think its better to leave him forever.

Nothing hurts like homemade infidelity like yours. Try and keep your cool. When he realizes that you are not threatened by his threat, he will come to his senses. Try and show him more love and attention and make sure you allow him access to you. This will take something out of him and help solidify your place in his life. And please, don’t involve your children in this matter. All shall be well.   


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