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Question And Answer Session On Relationship Status


Question And Answer Session On Relationship Status

admin July 6, 2018

Dear Aj,
This might sound irrelevant to what Issues of Life with Aj – your blog – stands for. But after I have taken out time to understudy the lies and barefaced cheating that Facebook is perpetuating which has given rise to high number of divorces, I couldn’t but ask if you shouldn’t encourage Facebook to have “Cheating” as a relationship status so that all will be fine las las?
This is obviously relevant to what we do. Issues of Life with Aj is a platform that discusses whatever goes on in this life so long as it will benefit humanity and save us from all kinds of pain. I’ll share your suggestion and look forward to having Facebook employees getting to read this and doing the needful in the end. Divorce is not godly and neither is cheating which is either fornication or adultery. Such a relationship status would help only mostly the unmarried as I want to believe there is divorced as a relationship status already on Facebook.
Thank you!

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