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Somewhere In Imo State, Widowhood Has Got A New Meaning

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Somewhere In Imo State, Widowhood Has Got A New Meaning

admin July 11, 2018

stuff like this adds to the mess
Nothing prepared me for this shocking revelation about how deep our younger generations are wallowing in base carnality.
A friend shared with me how secondary school students somewhere in Imo state are deep into fornication that it has become a fad and heaven help you if you do not have your own boyfriend or girlfriend.
Your name is sorry. The haves will make you the have-not and godly child and student to feel the import of their ignorance and silliness by calling you a WIDOW or a widower as the case may be. What these young ones are learning in schools and at home these days is what I can’t place my hands on. May God have mercy on all of us for failing the so-called future leaders who have loosen their grips on today when they are this young!
Oo chimoo!

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