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This Is The Greatest Hypocrisy Of All Time

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This Is The Greatest Hypocrisy Of All Time

admin July 18, 2018

A tale is told about a man who usually farts smelly gas in his home and anywhere he finds himself. Then one day, he takes off for a meeting of his people as a titled personality.
At this meeting,someone got him angry and he promised to humiliate his aggressor. Nobody could understand how he would deliver on such a threat.
What did he do? He hit his backside hard and a loud fart is released. The fart is as smelly as ever. This  man then turned to his people to inquire from them what is smelling.
Everyone covered their noses and stood up and left him to enjoy his bad public image and smelly  fart.
Whosoever deceives other people is deceiving him/herself. There are no two ways about it. Hypocrisy means the joke is on you. Stop it already!


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