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Why No One Deserves Your Blame Over Your Life’s Challenges {Must Read}


Why No One Deserves Your Blame Over Your Life’s Challenges {Must Read}

admin July 7, 2018

Blame game is the favorite pastime of people bereft of emotional intelligence. When you understood the fact that nothing comes your way in life for no reason good or bad, you’ll become adept at weeding the undesirable people out of your life and maintain a rich and healthy emotional life.

Therefore, never you get to that level in life where all you do is blame everybody for all of your pains in life. This is why:
The good people in your life bring you happiness. Treasure them and never do anything to lose them. The bad people in your life on the hand enrich you with experience which you have heard is the greatest teacher of all time. What about the people who go for the jugular in your life, the worst of them all I call them? Don’t let them rejoice over you because they make sure you learn such important lessons of life that develop you into a better person.
And what about the best of humankind in your life? Oh Lord, do preserve them for me I pray. I have quite a number of them. Not always many in number but they evoke such beautiful memories in my mind and give me the inspiration to love them back. Even those that hate me, I do my best to use love to correct them.
The crux of this post is living a life that is blameless. Don’t blame anybody and you’d not be blamed too over another’s misfortune. Let love lead!

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