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Why You Don’t See Anything Wrong In Your Wrongs


Why You Don’t See Anything Wrong In Your Wrongs

admin July 11, 2018

This life is so beautiful the way God made it bearing in mind the fact that He gifted us with this delightful thing called choice.
You must have heard that we are the choices that we make in life. There is this choice of good and choice of bad also. The ball belongs with your court to walk with good or bad. And because no one will flog you silly for making your choices and owing them up, it is expected of you to bear the consequences for your choices and not hang the blame on any other person.
Many people do wrong and refuse to apologize but would raise hell on some other person when they wrong him/her. I don’t know what to make of such character disposition. It smirks of selfishness and selective amnesia when you are called upon to say the truth that would save someone from public spat and anger, but chose to do the needless and would turn to say a lie to save someone who needs to be punished. You are a community leader and a public opinion influencer, yet, nothing good happens except there is enormous benefit coming your way out of it. You are such a predator-parasite feeding off everybody.
Now the joke of the government of this earth and its truth is on you. No sin goes unpunished. It is what you sow that you will reap. If you like, keep on pretending and deceiving yourself you are some tin god and be moving about not seeing anything wrong about your wrongs, when the time is ripe, you’ll get served.

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