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Attributes Of Toxic People


Attributes Of Toxic People

admin August 30, 2018

They despise happy people
This write-up is strictly for you on how to detect the toxic people around you and in your life. I took pains studying them overtime for your sake so you wouldn’t end up living in pains. Life is too short to permit one random toxic human being to take the wind off your sail my dear. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be led pretentiously to please such blood suckers. Yes! That’s what they are!
First of all, permit me to share with you the few attributes of toxic people I have been able to swipe off my dear life in the course of my everyday experience living this life.
*Toxic people have the guts to go about with this annoying spirit of ENTITLEMENT. Whatever good deed you do for them is because they are undoubtedly better than you with their superiority complex outlook on life.
*You can’t win in an argument that is centered on their wrongs. No, not with them because they are so blind to their misgivings and shortcomings but shockingly, they will sit on your matter even when you didn’t grieve them nor did them wrong.
*Toxic people are as envious as Cain and are capable of murder. Now you know the reason why you have been warned to as a matter of urgency flush them out of your pretty life and keep out of their baying for blood as much as possible even when they are family.
*If they happen to be your spouse, you’ll be sure to be nagged the life out of. Mind you, I mean this for both sexes. This invariably will cut your life span short as they are unappreciative of anything good. Good doesn’t need bad to live a complete life. I’m not saying you divorce them, but do the needful by staying separated from such people. Look for 8 to 6 job I mean and learn to spend fewer space and time with them.
*To have their way in everything with you and others, they can lie off their heads and spread malicious stories about you. Remember, once you are put them, they are happier and more enamoured to be ruthless. How many of their attributes did I mention in this paragraph?
*Such people pretend a lot and would want you to believe that they suffer from amnesia. No! Don’t ever believe them when they start telling you they have forgotten about how and when they mistreated you.
*They whine a lot and never meant it when they tell you “thank you”. It isn’t coming from their heart. Their lips would be bitten by their sharp teeth after they must have left your sight and venom cropped up in their heart. They would bay for you seeing how you have reduced them to uttering those words they fancy are beneath them.
*At last, toxic people are evil and are capable of witchcraft. They are the people the Nigerian social media scene call Village People.
You don’t have to be afraid of toxic people. Once you have internalized their attributes, your sixth sense is there to come to your rescue whenever they embrace you so you’d not end being treated the way Judas Iscariot did his master Jesus in.

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