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Now That Our Children Are On Holidays

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Now That Our Children Are On Holidays

admin August 5, 2018

We all look forward to staying at home with our parents in those days I was in primary school. Holidays would be the time to get into all kinds of trouble going into the forest to hunt squirrel and birds, the time we run around grasshoppers in the field opposite my house which we would feed our birds.
Did we read our books at all during the long vacations of our lives in the 80’s? Yes,we did, but our mind wasn’t in the books as we were completely taken by all the races and wrestling matches and other rough plays boys our age get into.
But today, the tide has changed completely. Our children don’t look forward to holidays of this long nature as it has become same thing with school days only that there are more of teevee viewing hours spent watching Nollywood movies but only when NEPA wouldn’t be acting up.
Instead of living our lives as parents who are bereft of other means of keeping our children engaged, let us now try out these few takes on our children to help make their long weeks of holiday activities a fun thing for them.
Therefore, now that our children are on holidays, let us try out the following:

  • Take them out to Church programmes. This helps them understand that their future is in God’s hands.
  • Make out time for watching supervised movies. It is not everything time there is public power supply that you allow them get glued to the television. There must be time for movies.
  • Make sure they get to read their books too. The time they spend being supervised by you while reading the selected books you chose for them impresses it on them that parenting is a big classroom.
  • Make the ones that are up to 7 years of age to begin to wash their clothes and teach them to wash plates and help out in other general household chores under your supervision.
  • And when you take them out on sight-seeing, do your best to keep them away from strangers. Always be eagle-eyed less your enemies rejoice over your misfortune in this season of kidnapping and ritual killings.

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