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The Strangest Testimony I Ever Heard


The Strangest Testimony I Ever Heard

admin August 30, 2018

We should pray for this kind of testimony
In one orthodox church like that, a woman is fond of coming out every Sunday service to give testimony of how she is thankful to God for helping her to go to the toilet and empty her bowels. This continued until one Sunday she stood up to walk through the aisle to give her usual testimony but the pastor shouted her down and said,
“We already know that you went to defecate this morning before coming to church for this divine service or is there any other testimony you have to give other than the one you have been giving for the past month?”
The poor old woman’s face was fraught with disappointment and she sat down while muttering to herself. And the service continued.
Then come next Sunday, pastor was nowhere to be found. When his members enquired after his whereabouts, he is said to be hospitalized. How can a pastor of the Most High God be sleeping in a hospital bed? Some asked.
It was later discovered that pastor has not been emptying his bowels for the past five days and the effect had started telling on his protruding tummy. Pastor was said to be in great pains and with the help of some parishioners, he was rushed to the hospital to seek medical help.
When pastor reported to his duty post the next Sunday service, he it was that encouraged the old woman to come and share her great testimony as he has been made to understand that such testimony is real, true and potent.
The church became ecstatic when the pastor gave same testimony as the old woman always does.
To God all the glory be!

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