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What A Poor Projection


What A Poor Projection

admin August 28, 2018

There is a projection of ego in us more than we project God. This exchange and relationship has therefore kept God on a decline in our lives. We all are guilty of this charge, perhaps due to the poverty in Nigeria today which stems from the poor leadership gnawing at all us. We no longer want to associate with God so that nobody will mock us for being followers of God. All we prefer is leaving God to fight His battle of propagating his gospel by Himself, may be, we are saying by our actions that Jesus Christ should come again but not for judgement but to do His work Himself.
Now, as a result of our poor projection of God in our lives, we struggle in places where we should be living the life God has designed for us.
When you work in all honesty for God, He does the needful for you by making the countenance of His grace to work for you where nepotism and such other vices work instead for others.
I want us to have a rethink today by doing the needful starting from now.
Have a blessed day.
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