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Why Nigerians Are The Horniest People On Earth

Nigerian Matters

Why Nigerians Are The Horniest People On Earth

admin August 30, 2018

Have you ever asked yourself why the majority poor people make more children than the few rich people do in this country called Nigeria?

Well, is it not obvious that the way we are as the title of this post suggests is simply because the government has taken everything from the poor and now poor people who can’t afford vacations and other luxuries of life have now started seeing sex as a means of recreation?
The above is as a result of bad leadership. Bad leadership begets poor followers and citizenry. This in turn breeds idleness and depression as major sources of employment which you know is early departure from a sinful world as ours.
The projection that Nigeria is over-populated and will soon burst by the seams is true because all we receive from the leaders of this country is poverty, maladministration and corrupt practices from unethical bunch.
Need I say a thing about Boko Haram and the marauding Fulani Herdsmen menace? Now you go figure why we are the way we are in this country. Plenty poisons for all!

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