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How I Turned My Neigbour’s Shit Into Gold (Lesson On Hatred And Tolerance)

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How I Turned My Neigbour’s Shit Into Gold (Lesson On Hatred And Tolerance)

admin September 25, 2018


Love…childhood is best

A story is told about two neighbours in a fast developing exotic upper-class suburb in South Africa light years after the apartheid government is dismantled and Nelson Mandela had become the president.

There is this young wife her husband is a top shot in Nelson Mandela government. He insisted on securing a home in this exclusive neghbourhood in Johannesburg. Within time, he just did. He used his connection in the government of the day to secure a big building, fenced-in and with vast space at the backyard. But to the consternation of this young black couple, this sophisticated neighbourhood is strictly for the whites. That became a snag. But for the fact that apartheid had been dismantled and every effort being made to portray such new direction from the new all-black government, the young black couple remained firm in withstanding every angry looks darted their way and other evidences of intolerance from the majority white people in their new neighbourhood.
Then one fateful day, this young wife was admiring her new backyard and wondering how she could put it to good use when to her surprise, a packaged item wrapped up inside a black polythene bag landed few inches from where she stood. She ran back quickly believing it to be a bomb as the anger and hatred from the white members of this mixed community was on the increase. When nothing blew off, she went back to the item lying on her backyard. She picked up a stick and rustled it and to her perfidy, it was shit. The shock on her face as the human faeces popped out was quite telling.
Now I know what to do with this my backyard.” She said to herself. “I can’t continue to remain idle here. I have to be of use to myself by using my time well.”
She waited for more days and observed that the number of such invasion in wraps had increased. Then she sought and got the services of a farmer who came around and tilled the ground in her backyard and helped her plant vegetables. Afterwards, it became her responsibility to go to her backyard and sort out the shit from her white neighbor – a woman.
Months later, she overheard from some idle gossips beside her fence while she was weeding her garden that her neighbor and hater’birthday was coming up. She made up her mind to attend the birthday bash.
As fearless and courageous as this young black wife is, she harvested some of her many vegetables, packaged them well and walked over to her neighbour’s. Her neighbour answered the door herself when she rapped on it with the healthy-looking vegetables in her hands. Without much drama, the young black wife handed over her birthday present of vegetables to her white neighbour and hater who to her surprise, the white woman accepted with tears in her eyes. The white woman embraced her and started confessing her sins committed against the black woman.
The black woman hugged her and told her she never took an offense over her violation of her space.
“See? I used your shit and turned it into this fine gold you have in your arms. I want to thank you for being my inspiration in becoming the farmer whose poor garden supplies the presidential palace with fresh vegetables.”
She turned and left to the shock of the white woman who couldn’t forgive herself for her utter foolishness. When she realized herself, she ran after the black woman and begged her profusely to come in and join in her celebration.
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